Navo Financial Inc.
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Visalia, CA 93277



Agency Teams Page


Commercial Department


Commercial Insurance Team –

 Zachary Navo           Chantal Navo           Anthony Maese


 Alex Berg                 Anna Holbrook          Courtney Sewell


 Kevin Miles              Alexandria Hernandez  



Commercial New Business Team –

 Zachary Navo     Courtney Sewell       Alex Berg


  Kevin Miles


Commercial Renewal and Retention Team –

 Chantal Navo       Alexandria Hernandez    Kevin Miles


 Courtney Sewell


Commercial Certificates –

   Anthony Maese



Personal Insurance Department


Personal Insurance Team –

  Anthony Maese   Christina Marmolejo   Calvin Moffett




Personal New Business Team –

 Christina Marmolejo   Alexandria Hernandez    Don



Personal Renewal and Retention Team –

 Christina Marmolejo   Calvin Moffett   Don



Personal EOI Request –




Claims Department


Work Comp Claim Team –   

  Anthony Maese    Anna Holbrook  



Auto Claim Team –   

  Anthony Maese   Anna Holbrook   Christina Marmolejo  


 Calvin Moffett      Don



Misc Claim Team –

  Anthony Maese   Anna Holbrook    Christina Marmolejo


 Calvin Moffett      Don